We have delivered many industrial projects with all its challenges in terms of design and delivery, in an economical and timely manner. At the same time safety and quality have been ensured for all the projects. We have stretched the horizon with the use of latest technologies and blended traditional concept like vastu and modern concepts so as to ensure that there is maximum utilization of available resources of client. We have designed steel sheds with large span trusses upto 65m span having no intermediate pillar. At the same time, we have effectively incorporated latest trends in energy saving like solar panels, bus bar systems and green building requirements in our projects.

Institutional Buildings

We have designed a number of schools and universities keeping in mind latest architectural concepts. We understand client’s requirements and along with our experience blend it, to create efficient, smart and elegant structures. We design the buildings in such a way that they have become growth and development centers of modern India. A typical example of such a center is BIMTECH, Greater Noida which encompasses the blend of latest amenities and facilities along with traditional learning at its best

Office and Office Interiors

Offices are windows which display the thought process and vision of an organization. They are places where team work and effective coordination lead to development and growth of organizations. Based on this theme, we design offices in a manner to facilitate smooth functioning, energy saving along with overall development of the occupants. We use both traditional concept of vastu and modern concepts of green building in design. We keep updating ourselves with information on latest materials and technologies

Industrial Townships

We design group housing for industries within the same campus based on the latest prevailing industrial norms. We design the townships keeping in mind the travelling time, safety and other facilities to be provided to the workers, which helps in increasing their efficiency and productivity.